a. The Hire Charge for the Booking shall be as stated in the Booking Form or quotation.

b. The Booking Deposit is £50.00 per week of Hire and payable at the time of making a reservation. The Booking Deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances and shall be deducted from the Hire Charge.


c. Confirmation of Booking will either be posted or e-mailed to you within 24 hours, together with an invoice showing the balance of Hire Charges and the Security Deposit. The Hire Charge invoice is due for payment no less than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of Hire. The Security Deposit can be paid in advance or on the day of collection.


d. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to make an Administration Charge of £25.00 for any changes requested to the original reservation details. An Administration Fee may also be applied to any claims or losses arising from a Hire Period.


e. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to vary the Hire Charges at any time without prior notice. Occasionally Coolbeans Campervan Hire is unable to supply the motorhome at the quoted price. If this is the case the Company will offer a full refund of any monies paid.



a. Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover is provided for the duration of the Hire Period and covers the Vehicle, Vehicle Equipment, the Driver(s) and Permitted Passengers only. The cost of this insurance is included within the Hire Charge. The Customer’s personal property is not covered under such insurance.


b. Coolbeans Campervan Hire will, in some cases, incur additional charges if the Driver to be insured has, for example, a traffic conviction or using a non-UK driving licence. These charges will be passed onto the Customer.


c. The Hire rate quoted includes a standard insurance excess of £1000.00.


d. In the event of any damage to either the Vehicle or third-party property, the Customer will be liable for the first £1000.00.


e. Any damage to tyres, windows and windscreens and any theft of personal property are not covered by the Company’s insurance, and any such damage shall be at the Customer’s expense.


f. Driving by non-named Drivers and any late returns of the Vehicle renders the insurance invalid and the Driver therefore commits an offence under the Road Traffic Act and will be solely responsible for any damage or personal injuries incurred.


g. Invalid insurance also means the Driver and Customer becomes personally liable for: 


          i. any accident or damage to the Vehicle.


          ii. any injury or damage to any third-party property.


h. Any accident or any damage to the Vehicle must be reported to Coolbeans Campervan Hire immediately by telephone and in any event within 24 hours. The Customer must complete an accident form at the end of the Hire Period.


i. Travel insurance is the responsibility of the Customer, and it is recommended that the Customer obtains such travel insurance to cover cancellation costs, personal luggage, money loss, personal accident and medical expenses.


j. Even though it may be covered by Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s insurance the Customer shall be liable to pay the cost of repair for any damage, which the Vehicle may suffer as the result of the wilful or negligent action of the Customer.


k. Prior permission from Coolbeans Campervan Hire must be obtained if the Vehicle is to be taken to festivals and concerts. An increased Security Deposit may also be payable, if permission is granted.


l. Use for Hire or reward is not permitted.


m. The Customer is responsible for all loss or damage arising from theft whilst the ignition keys of the Vehicle have been left in or on the Vehicle.



CDW insurance is available at an additional cost of £25.00 per day of hire (£100 minimum/£500 maximum) and will reduce the excess for any damage caused in a collision to either the Vehicle or third-party property to £250. The Customer will however be fully liable for replacement or repair to windows or tyre damage, or damage caused due to negligence. CDW Insurance is completely optional and can be decided upon collection of your Vehicle. After the Hire has commenced, CDW insurance cannot be taken out.



All Drivers must be aware of the unusual height of the Vehicle and are responsible for all damage caused if driven under an obstruction that is too low for it to clear – the obvious examples are low bridges and height restrictions into car parks etc. In this event neither the Basic Insurance nor Collision Damage Waiver Insurance will apply, and the Customer will be responsible for the cost to repair of all damages.



There is a refundable Security Deposit from £1000.00 payable on the day of Hire by debit/credit card. The transaction is charged as a pre-authorised payment which holds the money in your account. The hold is automatically cancelled by your bank within 7 working days of return of the Vehicle to the agreed location, on the agreed date and time, in the same condition as it was hired out, with the interior clean including all cooking appliances, and the fuel tank full. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to increase the Security Deposit for specific events e.g., Festivals or any other Hire where the Vehicle is carrying 4 or more adults.


Note: Where the Customer has opted for the CDW option, no excess will be charged in the event of a collision, but they should be aware that the Security Deposit will be used to fund any loss or damage whatsoever to equipment, fixtures and fittings, windows, tyres or negligent damage to the Vehicle. Should these damages exceed the Security Deposit the Customer will be liable for the total cost and the difference will need to be settled within seven days of returning the Vehicle.





a. The age of Drivers is restricted to those over 23 and under 75 years old, this is due to insurance restrictions, they must be of good health and have held a UK driving licence for at least 2 years. Drivers with less than 2 years driving experience are subject to an insurance surcharge. Persons outside this bracket may be insured with an additional premium and at our insurer’s discretion.


b. Only persons named as Drivers on the Booking Form at the time of Hire may drive the Vehicle.


c. Driving licences must be produced before the commencement of the Hire and should be unendorsed (any endorsements may incur additional Charges).


d. An insurance proposal form shall be completed by each & every Driver.


e. Visitors from abroad must produce a valid unendorsed domestic driving licence or a current International Driving Permit or Licence. Foreign licence holders will incur an additional insurance surcharge


f. Proof of identity must be provided at the commencement of the Hire, 2 separate forms of identification. i.e. driving licence and passport (or other satisfactory photo ID) and recent utility bill (or other satisfactory proof of address).


g. Drivers must be able to demonstrate that they have driven on a regular basis for at least 2 years and feel confident to drive a Vehicle of the dimensions of the Vehicle Hired.


h. Drivers are personally liable for all legal penalties (e.g.: parking tickets, Congestion Charges, speeding fines) which are incurred during the Period of Hire.


i. Details of all additional Drivers are required, and all Drivers must be present at handover of the Vehicle.


j. Maximum of 2 drivers per rental.


k. All current and previous motoring offences, including drink driving offences are to be disclosed to Coolbeans Campervan Hire upon Booking. Any current endorsements will incur an additional insurance surcharge. The insurance surcharge may vary depending on the offence endorsement code and when the endorsement was issued. The insurance surcharge will be notified to you prior to the Hire commencement. The insurance surcharge must be paid prior to the Hire commencement


l. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse permission to Drivers to drive the Vehicle, for whatever reason.



a. These Conditions shall govern the Contract and all other terms and conditions are excluded. No variation to these Conditions shall be binding unless expressly agreed in writing by the parties.


b. The Company’s employees or agents are not authorised to make any representations or recommendations or give any advice concerning the Vehicles unless expressly confirmed by Coolbeans Campervan Hire in writing.


c. All drawings, descriptive matter, specifications and advertising issued by Coolbeans Campervan Hire and any descriptions or illustrations contained in Coolbeans Campervan Hire catalogues, brochures or web site are issued or published for the sole purpose of giving an approximate idea of the Vehicles described in them. They will not form part of this Contract.


d. Hire rates quoted include: 


          i. UK standard Vehicle insurance


          ii. UK standard equipment & breakdown



The minimum Hire Period ranges from 3 to 7 days depending on the season. Please check with Coolbeans Campervan Hire at the time of Booking.





Extras are charged at current rates.





Any cancellations must be made to Coolbeans Campervan Hire in writing and will be charged as follows:


a. For cancellation more than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the Hire Period the Customer will forfeit the Booking Deposit.


b. For cancellation less than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the Hire Period or failure by the Customer to turn up for the commencement of the Hire Period the Customer will be liable for the full Hire Charge.


c. Coolbeans Campervan Hire recommend that the Customer takes out its own cancellation insurance.


d. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to cancel the Booking before commencement of the Hire Period if the Named Driver(s) Licences are invalid or do not comply with the information stated on the Booking Form. In this case the Customer will forfeit the total Hire Charge will be forfeited.





a. The Customer acknowledges delivery of the Vehicle and the contents are free from any defect or damage and complete other than as specified by the Company and agreed at the date of commencement of the Hire. The Customer, is therefore, advised to check the Vehicle thoroughly before leaving Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s premises.


b. Upon return Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s representative will check the Vehicle for damage, cleanliness etc., including the condition of the tyres and windscreen which are not included in Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s insurance cover, any such damage being the Customers responsibility. An additional Charge may be made for cleaning the interior.





a. Availability will only be confirmed at the time of reservation. A reservation is only binding after it has been confirmed by Coolbeans Campervan Hire and the Booking Deposit has been received.


b. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the Vehicle reserved is available, if due to circumstances beyond Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s control the reserved Vehicle is not available, Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to offer a suitable alternative. If this is not available or acceptable the liability of Coolbeans Campervan Hire will be limited to the refund of any monies paid by the Customer.





a. Once the reservation is confirmed, an invoice will be issued by e-mail for the remaining balance and Security Bond. Settlement of this invoice must be made no less than six weeks prior to departure. Coolbeans Campervan Hire reserves the right to cancel the Booking if payment is not received six weeks prior to departure.


b. Payment can be made by internet banking, credit card, debit card or in Pounds Sterling.


c. For late Bookings (less than six weeks before departure) the full Hire price is payable on Booking. Vehicles will not be released without full payment being made.





For payments by credit card, Coolbeans Campervan Hire can only accept Visa and MasterCard.





a. Unless otherwise arranged in writing your Vehicle will only be available for collection at the set time stated on your booking confirmation (standard pickup time is 09:00 & 15:00) and is to be returned to us between 08:30 and 10:00 on the due date.


b. To complete the documentation and allow us to demonstrate your Vehicle to you, please allow 1 hour for the hand-over at the depot. It is the Customer’s responsibility to check that on collection of the Vehicle that any damage or defects are confirmed with Coolbeans Campervan Hire.


c. Please allow the same time on your return so that we can check the Vehicle for damage & cleanliness etc.


d. The Vehicle must be returned on the date, and on or before the time stated on the Rental Agreement.


e. Vehicles must be returned clean and in the same condition as they left the depot, otherwise a Charge of £75.00 will be made.


f. If you will be late returning, Coolbeans Campervan Hire must be advised immediately. Failure to advise us could result in a prosecution for driving whilst uninsured. An additional hourly Charge of £100.00 will be made for all late returns, together with any additional costs incurred by Coolbeans Campervan Hire.


g. No refund will be given for an early return of the Vehicle.





Whilst we will endeavour to make every effort to ensure the Vehicle is ready at the agreed time, circumstances may arise out of our control and we accept no liability other than, the refund of Hire hours or days lost.





a. Coolbeans Campervan Hire shall endeavour to make the Vehicle available to the Customer for the Hire Period.


b. The Vehicle is insured by the Company and is roadworthy and complies with the requirements of the Road Traffic Acts (and all regulations made under those Acts) relating to Vehicles. Details of Cool Beans Hire’s insurance are available on request.


Located at Cleeve Mill lane, Newent Gloucestershire GL18 1EP





Monday to Friday: 09:00 – 17:00

Saturday & Sunday: By appointment only





One-way trips are not permitted.





a. Every effort is made to ensure the Vehicle is in a roadworthy and safe condition prior to each and every Hire. In the unlikely event of a breakdown, Fiat Camper Assist is at the disposal of the Customer, and: 


i. The Customer will pay for a call out when the vehicle hasn’t broken down due to a mechanical fault e.g. being stuck in mud or having a flat battery due to charging items from the vehicle battery.


ii. The Customer is authorised to spend up to £50.00 on necessary repairs, which will be reimbursed to them on presentation of a valid VAT receipt.


iii. Prior approval by the Coolbeans Campervan Hire must be obtained in respect of repairs/replacements in excess of £50.00.


iv. Coolbeans Campervan Hire is not under any circumstances responsible for any consequential expenses, curtailment of, or delay to the Period of Hire or any third-party claims for damages in connection with or consequent upon any accident or breakdown.


v. Coolbeans Campervan Hire will be entitled to Charge the Customer in circumstances where any request for a recovery and repair service is as a result of the Customer’s negligence, including but not limited to flat batteries, running out of fuel, wrong fuel used, keys locked inside the Vehicle or losing the Vehicle’s keys.

vi. Any breakdown, malfunction or damage caused by the Customer’s negligence must be repaired/made good by the Customer at the Customer’s expense.


vii. Minor running repairs such as tyres, bulbs, oil and aerials are the responsibility of the Customer.


viii. Coolbeans Campervan Hire dissolves any responsibility for hotel or any other consequential expenses subsequent to a breakdown. However, we will refund the loss of any complete days use of the Vehicle providing you have documentation to support this claim.





a. In the event of an accident involving the Vehicle, the Customer shall notify Markerstudy & Coolbeans Campervan Hire immediately after the event or as soon as practically possible, thereafter a complete accident report form must be handed to Coolbeans Campervan Hire at termination of Hire.


b. The maximum height of your Vehicle is clearly stated. Any overhead damage is the responsibility of the Customer.





a. At the commencement of the Hire Period the Vehicle is supplied with a full tank of fuel. The Customer is expected to return the Vehicle at the end of the Hire Period with a full tank of fuel.


b. Any fuel shortage will incur a surcharge of £30.00 to the Customer plus the cost of fuel for any shortage.


c. The Customer will be liable if the incorrect fuel type is used.


d. The Customer is responsible during the Hire Period for the regular checking of oil and water levels, this should be undertaken at least at every fuel filling. Failure to do so may result in engine damage for which the Customer will be responsible.



25. GAS


a. Two gas bottles are provided with the Vehicle at the commencement of Hire, at least one will be full.


b. The cost of any refills thereafter shall be the responsibility of the Customer, who shall ensure that two bottles of the same type and size are returned with the Vehicle at the end of the Hire Period.


c. Any cylinders lost or incorrectly exchanged will be Charged to the Customer.





a. The Customer shall be responsible for damage to windscreens, tyres, punctures and all costs and expenses incurred as a result of offences against the Road Traffic Acts and / or regulations thereunder, and indemnifies Coolbeans Campervan Hire from any liability.


b. The Customer shall ensure that the Driver and all passengers required by law to do so shall at all times when the Vehicle is being driven wear the seat belts provided.


c. The Customer shall be responsible for all Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s uninsured losses, which may arise as a result of the Hire.





The Customer agrees that should Coolbeans Campervan Hire receive penalty Charge notices for speeding, parking fines or Congestion Charges then a minimum administration fee of £25.00 will be added to the Charge to cover administration and postage costs.





The Company operates a strict no smoking policy and therefore smoking is strictly forbidden in all our motor homes. The Customer will automatically lose their entire Security Bond is there is evidence, or we suspect that smoking has occurred in the Vehicle when it is returned.





a. The Vehicle and its contents remain the property of Coolbeans Campervan Hire at all times.


b. The number of permitted passengers is shown on the Booking Form.


c. The Customer: 


i. agrees to provide the names of its passengers and nominated Driver(s) to Coolbeans Campervan Hire at the time of Booking.


ii. is responsible for the security of the Vehicle. The Customer must ensure that if the Vehicle is left unattended at any time that it is securely locked and parked in a safe, well-lit location.


iii. must take every precaution to prevent loss from or theft of the Vehicle.


iv. will be responsible for the control of the Vehicle during the Hire Period.


v. is liable for any cost incurred while using the Vehicle during the Hire Period for speeding or parking fines, Congestion Charges or any other offences committed against the Road Traffic Act regulations or any other applicable regulations.


vi. shall ensure that the Driver(s) shall at all times while driving the Vehicle drive in a cautious and prudent manner and will not use the Vehicle in a manner which is likely to cause damage to the Vehicle or to a third party.


vii. shall not carry more passengers than the number set out on the Booking Form and will ensure that the Driver(s) and all passengers required by law to do so shall, at all times when the Vehicle is being driven, wear the seat belts provided.


viii. will be liable for all overhead damage to the Vehicle resulting from any accident. The maximum height of the Vehicle is clearly stated in the Vehicle documentation.


ix. must ensure that the Driver(s) do not drink and drive.


x. must not tow any trailer or other Vehicle behind the Vehicle.


xi. must not allow the Vehicle to exceed the permitted Gross Vehicle Weight.


xii. must not use the Vehicle to carry passengers or goods for Hire or reward and shall not lend or Hire the Vehicle to a third party.


xiii. must not use the Vehicle for, or in conjunction with any race, competition or trial.


xiv. must not create a lien on the Vehicle for any reason.





a. Coolbeans Campervan Hire shall not be liable for any failure to perform or delay in performance of its obligations under the Contract due to any event of Force Majeure. If any event of Force Majeure delays that prevents Coolbeans Campervan Hire’s performance of its obligations, Coolbeans Campervan Hire shall notify the Customer as soon as reasonably possible and use reasonable endeavours to make acceptable equivalent substitute arrangements for the Hire Period.





a. The Hirer shall not be entitled to assign the Contract or any part of it without the prior written consent of Coolbeans Campervan hire.


b. Coolbeans Campervan Hire may assign the Contract or any part of it to any person, firm or company.





Coolbeans Campervan Hire offers free car parking for the Customer’s car during the Hire Period only. One allocated parking space is guaranteed per Booking. Additional vehicle parking may be available subject to spaces being available. All vehicles are left entirely at the owner’s risk.


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